Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Captains story: Abuse at its worst

This one is a hard one for me to do.  Captain's story is so very sad and didn't end with his survival.  Please click here and come back and read knowing that Captain is singing this to us.

This is not actually Captain but this photo was used to demonstrate
what he would have looked like as a puppy

Captain started out as most puppies.  Loving and just too darn friendly:

At 2 years old Captain tried out for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but he was rejected because he was "too friendly" and was also alleged to have been deaf. 

He was sold by the RCMP to a man in Langley who subsequently sold him to Captain's current owner, Brian Edward Whitlock. On July 18, 2012,

Captain was discovered in a dumpster in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by a couple out for a walk. He was emaciated, and had been stabbed, cut, and brutally beaten, to the point of likely being rendered quadriplegic and with brain hemorrhaging. Captain was rescued from the dumpster and taken immediately to a veterinary hospital. 

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to save him, including performing CPR for 30 minutes, Captain passed away the next day. Captain's owner was nowhere to be found in the days following Captain's discovery in the dumpster. A warrant to search his residence was subsequently secured, and during that search a Swiss army knife, baseball bat, and heavy chain were recovered. 

The SPCA recommended charges of animal cruelty (causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal in accordance with the Canadian Criminal Code) to Crown Counsel in Captain's death, but have indicated they will not name the suspect in Captain's death until charges are laid. However, media sources have reported that the charges have been recommended against Brian Whitlock. Crown Counsel have not yet approved charges. 

They returned the file to the SPCA seeking further information regarding witness statements and expert witness testimony, as well as results of DNA testing. The SPCA is currently awaiting the results of the DNA analysis, and have indicated that Crown Counsel will not proceed with charges until they have all the evidence before them. The SPCA have expressed, however, that they are "very confident" that charges will be laid in Captain's case and that he will get justice in the courts. There are measures that YOU can take to ensure this happens.


1) Please sign and share the petition to our government to strengthen and enforce animal cruelty legislation:


2) Please phone, send an e-mail (http://www.ag.gov.bc.ca/contacts/emailag.htm), or write a letter to BC's Minister of Justice and Attorney General to RESPECTFULLY ask when charges will be pressed against Captain's abuser:

Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Honourable Shirley Bond
PO BOX 9044 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9E2
Phone: 250 387-1866
Fax: 250 387-6411
"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight." 
~Albert Schweitzer

Just because you do not witness it does not mean it does not happen.
Captain's death is a tragedy!  Animal cruelty NEEDS TO BE STOPPED and it takes each of us to care enough to do something.  Spread the word, donate, contact your government...do whatever you can!  It is a matter of life and death!

Thank you for remembering Captain today by taking action to ensure that he did not die such a horrific and indefensible death in vain. WE NEED JUSTICE FOR CAPTAIN.

This story can be found on Facebook or the website dedicated to Captain
You can also find more information and other ways to support by following at
Justice and Honor for Captain


  1. Oh Rhonda, you are another angel/saint sent to us who are seeking justice for Captain!! Thank you so, so much for sharing his story. We will not stop until this sweet boy gets the justice he so desperately deserves, and thank you for assisting with that. xx

    1. You are so very welcome. This was a very difficult one for me to do. The best way to get this out there is to share this blog with people and ask them to comment here. The more "noise" this blog gets the more people will see it. I respond to everyone who comments here so it will remain an on-going conversation. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Please keep me updated so I can update the blog when needed.

    2. I will be sharing this story on my page, in memory of Captain who deserved to be treated with love and respect, not horribly abused. I will be sending an email demanding justice be done and that the perpetrator of this horrific act be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I will also demand that stronger laws be put into effect to protect all the other Captains out there. Animal abuse is something that continues to exist, and we need to make the penalties for this crime so much more stronger so that there are no repeat offenders. We need to make sure that if someone is convicted of this crime, that they NEVER have a chance to own a pet again.

  2. Thanks so much for bringing this very sad case to our attention. RIP Captain.....

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read it. Please share so we can make some NOISE to stop animal abuse.

  3. I have sent my letter to the Honourable Shirley Bond, Minister of Justice and Attorney General on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012 at 2:30am. To view a copy of this letter please go to:


    I couldn't post it here because the character limit is 4,096. My apologies.

    1. Antony: You did a wonderful job writing this letter. Thank you so much for your interest in this and being who you are!

    2. Beautiful Antony -- thank you so much!!! xx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you so much Rhonda and Justice for Captain. This is one of my few introspective ways of dealing with the wrenching heartache and gutting depression I feel for Captain and all other abused canine brothers and sisters, as well as all sentient beings, everywhere.

  5. Thank you so much Rhonda and Justice for Captain. This is one of my few introspective ways of dealing with the wrenching heartache and gutting depression I feel for Captain and all other abused canine brothers and sisters, as well as all sentient beings, everywhere.

    1. I agree Antony: This is a horrible crime and if we all just did a little something to change it....it wouldn't happen. Thank you again!!


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