Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free the dogs in a box

Okay folks you know the drill:  Click this link, come back and read while you are listening.

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Let me tell you a story.  A man who sexually abuses children gets caught and lives safely in the confines of a prison.  See it is nice and clean with everything a person NEEDS.  He is fed three meals a day and is kept safe with the laws of our Country.  

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He is protected by a prison guard.  Which I must add are UNARMED.

But tell me this:  A man who sexually abuses children lives in a safe environment (of his choosing I must add)

But.....the one animal who loves us more than he could ever love him or herself lives like this:

 And this is not by the dogs own doing.  THIS IS OUR FAULT!

Imagine these sweet puppies:

Being CONDEMNED to live worse than a pedophile!!  Worse than that....we KNOW about this situation and nothing is being done.

This story started TWO years ago. THIS STORY IS HAPPENING NOW - JULY 2012.


Wythe County Virginia, 2010 - Multiple dogs were being held in a makeshift dungeon outside of property on Walton Furnace Rd. that Mr. Mike Thomas's is illegally inhabiting (he is squatting) The dogs were being eaten alive with fleas and were living in their own urine and feces with little to no sunlight. Some of the dogs had already died of flea anemia.

Yes the black dots are FLEAS!!

Look closely at this picture.  The dangers these dogs are CURRENTLY living in is inhumane!!  

Mr. Thomas refused to surrender the dogs, the ACO and Sheriff's Office refused to remove the dogs or even cite Mr. Thomas under VA Law.

Mr. Thomas is a very violent man. He wears a large knife around his neck, has an arsenal of weapons in his home, and recently shot at a young boy trying to save one of the dogs that escaped. This is the primary reason why negotiations for the surrender of the dogs have failed.

Remember the prison guard who guards the pedophile is unarmed!!!

At this point the only recourse is to demand that Animal Control remove the dogs.

I would say that NO ANIMAL should live this way but I am going to change that to this:  

If you want to help these dogs please follow this link.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please do something.  Follow the link and do whatever you can do to save these dogs!  Write the media.  
Everything is on the on the link that you can do.  
"Be the change you want to see in the world" ~Matatma Gandhi

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet Corona and her Journey

One night.  One shot rang out.  One dog's story and survival changed the lives of everyone she touched.

Please click this video and come back and read while you listen to the music.

Meet Corona.  Someone pulled a gun, placed it in her mouth and pulled the trigger.  This person is a coward but I don't want to focus on this sick individual who would do this.

I want to focus on this sweet, sweet dog and the loving people of: 


And what they did to save sweet Corona.

At first, there didn't seem to be any hope of saving Corona.  It took a while to realize that she had been SHOT.  But the strength of everyone around her and her will to live changed the minds of everyone.

Instead of focusing on these horrible acts I want to show you who Corona is now and what LOVE does to change lives:

 Corona has many friends now and a lot of love

Tell me does a face get any sweeter than this?  With everything she has endured in her life she is still there with a smile and love.

She is still smiling

Okay, not smiling but it looks like it nap time

Corona gets the love back she has always given
Serious Corona :)

Here is Corona today.  She is strong.  She is loved.  She is a Miracle.

Not every animal is as lucky as Ms. Corona.  Sadly many pets die at the hands of their owners.  Please stop animal abuse.  Call the police.  Rescue them. Call Shelters.  
Do Something!!!
When you turn your back on them.....they have no one.
Be their voice!

God Bless Corona and everyone who has stepped in to save her!!

Please share your rescue stories, blessing for Corona and blessing for all who did something to rescue her.