Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dog fighting and the victims of it

So much destruction in dog fighting.  So much loss.  If you've read my blogs before you know what to do, click HERE and come back and read.  If this is your first visit prepare for some tears.  WARNING there are some horrific pictures.

Dog fighting is big business.  A lot of money is made putting two dogs into a ring and forcing them to fight, often times to their death.  When a dog is thrown into this world often times death is the best part of their life. 

CREDIT Daily Mirror
Let's look at dog fighting as a whole.  It starts with your furbaby at home.  The dog or cat that you love unconditionally.  These monsters steal furbabies from backyards and use them as bait.  Yes, they use them to make their dogs mean.  If your furbaby falls into the bully breed they will be stolen and often turned into a fighting dog.  

CREDIT Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

Another way these monsters find bait animals or fighting animals are looking for those who are re-homing their pets.  They come meet the potential pet and they look like a wonderful family, some will bring along their children to sweeten the persona they are trying to put out.  FREE to good homes will kill...

There are many people fighting back against these dog fighters.  They are being reported, arrested and charged.  What isn't happening is sentences being harsh enough.  These dogs and cats suffer immensely.  When a dog fighting ring is discovered and the monsters are arrested the animals are seized.  This, on the surface is good but more often than not they are euthanized because their injuries are too severe or their behaviors are often discovered that it is not safe for them to be adopted.  There are many that dispute the testing for this but I want this to be about the destruction of dog fighting.  

It will take each one of us and all of us to stop this heinous act! There are signs that we all need to be aware of and you can find them by clicking HERE

You may be thinking this does not effect you.  You may be thinking that you do not need to do anything because there are organizations and groups out there doing something.  We need everyone's help!  We need to ban together because no matter what our society is defined by our actions.  It was Fyodor Dostoyevsky who said: "The degree of civilisation in a society is revealed by entering its prisons" and I challenge each of you to recognize that this is a prison these furbabies are in! 

If you know of a dog fighting ring please contact your local authorities.  With the internet it is easier for them to do more harm, get more support, be bigger monsters!