Thursday, December 6, 2012

What if she's an Angel?

You know the drill:  Click HERE to listen to the song.  I want you to watch a video while listening to the song.  I must warn you the video is very hard to watch.  I have to say I cry when watching this.

Please watch this VIDEO and spread it around so this man can be caught and found.

What if this dog was an Angel sent down making certain you are doing your best?  Are you going to pass that test?

Sweet Captain RIP
I believe that all animals are Angels sent from Heaven and there are so many NOT passing that test and we need to spread the word to STOP animal abuse!!

There are so many times that animals, who give nothing but love, are abused.  I have written many blogs hoping to spread the word about animal abuse.  I hope I reach those who will spread the word, will help, will do something!

Sweet Corona who survived
Are you doing your best?  Are you taking the the time to help?  Could you be their saving grace?

It doesn't take money.  It doesn't take time.  What it does take is caring.  When you care the money and the time are worth it. 

I am a Christian and do believe in forgiveness but I cannot find it in my heart to forgive those who do this.  I know that each time someone abuses an animal they will have to answer for it....knowing this DOES NOT MAKE IT EASIER.  I wish I could save all of these poor abused animals...but I can't.  All I can do is continue to write about this horrible act done by humans and hope that each of you share this blog and if enough of us raise awareness....maybe, just maybe..... 

I am going to keep this short but if you have missed any past blogs you can read them HERE.  I encourage you to read them and help stop the abuse!!!!