Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dog fighting and the victims of it

So much destruction in dog fighting.  So much loss.  If you've read my blogs before you know what to do, click HERE and come back and read.  If this is your first visit prepare for some tears.  WARNING there are some horrific pictures.

Dog fighting is big business.  A lot of money is made putting two dogs into a ring and forcing them to fight, often times to their death.  When a dog is thrown into this world often times death is the best part of their life. 

CREDIT Daily Mirror
Let's look at dog fighting as a whole.  It starts with your furbaby at home.  The dog or cat that you love unconditionally.  These monsters steal furbabies from backyards and use them as bait.  Yes, they use them to make their dogs mean.  If your furbaby falls into the bully breed they will be stolen and often turned into a fighting dog.  

CREDIT Viktor Larkhill Extreme Rescue

Another way these monsters find bait animals or fighting animals are looking for those who are re-homing their pets.  They come meet the potential pet and they look like a wonderful family, some will bring along their children to sweeten the persona they are trying to put out.  FREE to good homes will kill...

There are many people fighting back against these dog fighters.  They are being reported, arrested and charged.  What isn't happening is sentences being harsh enough.  These dogs and cats suffer immensely.  When a dog fighting ring is discovered and the monsters are arrested the animals are seized.  This, on the surface is good but more often than not they are euthanized because their injuries are too severe or their behaviors are often discovered that it is not safe for them to be adopted.  There are many that dispute the testing for this but I want this to be about the destruction of dog fighting.  

It will take each one of us and all of us to stop this heinous act! There are signs that we all need to be aware of and you can find them by clicking HERE

You may be thinking this does not effect you.  You may be thinking that you do not need to do anything because there are organizations and groups out there doing something.  We need everyone's help!  We need to ban together because no matter what our society is defined by our actions.  It was Fyodor Dostoyevsky who said: "The degree of civilisation in a society is revealed by entering its prisons" and I challenge each of you to recognize that this is a prison these furbabies are in! 

If you know of a dog fighting ring please contact your local authorities.  With the internet it is easier for them to do more harm, get more support, be bigger monsters! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Losing a beloved pet

You know the HERE and come back and read while listening to the song.

It's been a few weeks since we helped our beloved Monster to the Rainbow Bridge.  I will admit, at his age, I had prepared myself for that moment for about five years but when the time came not being selfish was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.  

My Monster...would have been 21 (human) years old this month.  He was St. Bernard, Black Lab mix and no living creature had his heart.

A few years ago I had to help my Lucky (19 1/2 year old cat) and our Pokie to the Rainbow just never get's easier.

That's my story but not the reason I am writing this.  I am writing this because we have to STOP.  We have to stop taking our family members to the shelter because they get old. When I think of Monster, Pookie and Lucky I could never imagine dumping them because they got "old."  When I think about all the love they give us just to have us turn our backs on saddens me.  What kind of a society have we become that this is okay?

It saddens me when I visit the shelters, see my timeline on Facebook and hear all these stories of people who "love" their pets dump them.  Hearing them say, "oh, he's such a good boy, someone will adopt him."  


Most never leave the shelter.  Most are euthanized because they are owner surrenders. 


ALL of these dogs will never understand why you did this to them.  

I am crying as I write this.  I am crying for all those loyal babies that gave you the best they had and you turned your back on them.  I am crying because I think how mine would have felt had I ever did this to them.  I am crying because...what's forever for?  

Before you decide to bring an addition into your family please make sure it's forever. Make sure you will always care for them. Make sure YOU deserve the love they will give you.

If you are ready for that kind of love please consider adopting a Senior animal.  No, you won't have 21 years with them.  Yes, you will have a few more medical issues.  What you will have is unconditional love.  You see, they've loved and they've lost.  They understand how important second chances are.

I guess I will never understand how or why.  I so want to understand but a part of me fears understanding how or why anyone could do this.  I look at my fur babies and my heart hurts, not for them but for all I cannot save.

“Be the person your dog thinks you are!”  ― J.W. Stephens

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What if she's an Angel?

You know the drill:  Click HERE to listen to the song.  I want you to watch a video while listening to the song.  I must warn you the video is very hard to watch.  I have to say I cry when watching this.

Please watch this VIDEO and spread it around so this man can be caught and found.

What if this dog was an Angel sent down making certain you are doing your best?  Are you going to pass that test?

Sweet Captain RIP
I believe that all animals are Angels sent from Heaven and there are so many NOT passing that test and we need to spread the word to STOP animal abuse!!

There are so many times that animals, who give nothing but love, are abused.  I have written many blogs hoping to spread the word about animal abuse.  I hope I reach those who will spread the word, will help, will do something!

Sweet Corona who survived
Are you doing your best?  Are you taking the the time to help?  Could you be their saving grace?

It doesn't take money.  It doesn't take time.  What it does take is caring.  When you care the money and the time are worth it. 

I am a Christian and do believe in forgiveness but I cannot find it in my heart to forgive those who do this.  I know that each time someone abuses an animal they will have to answer for it....knowing this DOES NOT MAKE IT EASIER.  I wish I could save all of these poor abused animals...but I can't.  All I can do is continue to write about this horrible act done by humans and hope that each of you share this blog and if enough of us raise awareness....maybe, just maybe..... 

I am going to keep this short but if you have missed any past blogs you can read them HERE.  I encourage you to read them and help stop the abuse!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A second chance

You know how this works....Click HERE and come back to read

Have you ever been given a second chance?  Have you ever been at the end of the day and just wonder what's next?  Have you ever been empty?  

Do you ever search for peace?

I'm going to show you some pictures and tell you a few stories:  

I know my time is up.  I can tell how they are treating me, how they are looking at they are avoiding my eyes.  I have one night left.  I miss my family.  Why haven't they come to rescue me.  I thought they were just dropping me off for a visit.  Maybe something happened to them. PLEASE NO!  Let my family be safe. I don't know if I could live if something happened to them.  Wait....I'm not going to live, am I?  

I'm sorry I couldn't get along with the new puppy you brought home.  I'm sorry I got jealous of the attention you were giving her.  I'm sorry I snapped at her when she bit my leg. I'm sorry....Please can I come home? It's cold here.  I have a blanket on this cold cement.  The other dogs keep barking and I can't get any sleep.  I miss my family.  I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I scratched the couch.  I'm sorry I jumped on the counter.  I'm sorry I grew up into a cat and I'm no longer the cute kitten you brought home.  I'm sorry I woke you up at 6:00 AM on a Saturday to feed me. I'm sorry I tripped you when I rubbed up against your feet.  I just wanted to tell you "I love you and I'm glad you are home."  I miss my family.  I promise I will do better.  Please come back and get me.

I promise you I am not mean.  I promise you I will love you forever.  I don't understand why my new family was so upset when my boy brought me home.  We came here.  Can someone tell me what "put him down" means?  I kept hearing this but they didn't set me down.  They locked me up in this cage.  I just want a home.

You have to let me out of here.  This is a mistake.  We were so excited about the new baby coming.  I promised I would protect the new baby and I need to get home to do that.  I know I was just going to be here for "a little" while so they could get adjusted to the new baby.  Why haven't they come back for me?  Who is protecting the baby?  I want to go home.  I miss my family.

I don't know what I did wrong.  I used to have a lap to sleep on.  I used to have a saucer of milk every morning. I used to have a bed to sleep in. Then one day.....I don't know what day, but one day I was here.  I remember getting in the car and thinking "oh no another trip to the mean vet."  I don't know why I was left here.  It has to be a mistake.  I DON'T BELONG HERE.  I have a home.  I have a family.  I miss my family.  I want to go home.

I lost my family.  I don't know why they are not coming to get me.  I miss them.  I love them.  I will not give up.  So many people come in to see me and say, "oh what a beautiful smile" but they keep moving on.....they go over to the kennel with the cute puppies.  I can't say that I blame them....they are pretty darn cute.  BUT so am I.  I promise that I will always love you, protect you and never leave you.  I am wise...not old. I am seasoned...not broken. Won't someone give me a chance.  My time is coming soon.  I don't know what euthanasia means but they keep pointing to me.  Please, I want a home.

By the time you are reading this it may already be too late for the animals here.  YES, they are on the euthanasia list at the time of writing this.  YES they may have already lost their lives.  It may be too late to save them but it is NOT TO LATE TO DO SOMETHING.  So many animals are waiting for their Angel.  So many spend all their time waiting for their second chance.  For their break that will make it okay. When they are passed by...they never feel good enough.  Their memories of their family......They are waiting to be in the Arms of the Angels.

Will you be that Angel?  Will you make the decision to SAVE A LIFE!  I promise WILL find some comfort here.  

This sadness brings me to my knees.  There is so much love LOCKED up...not in a dark cold hotel room but a dark cold kennel.  Waiting for you to save them...waiting for you to in the Arms of the Angel who rescues them.

Or waiting for DEATH!  SAVE A LIFE!!  I promise will not only save their life...they will save yours.

Please consider adopting a death row dog or cat.  They have already learned about love they just need a family to show it. They have already experienced life at its worst...they have already looked down that cold empty hallway that means their life is ending.

Won't you be their second chance?  Won't you be their Angel?

It may be too late for these but don't let their death be in vain.  They would want you to save another. it for them.  Do it for yourself. 

Be their Angel
(The stories are fictional TO THESE animals.  They are factual to other animals)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Losing a Life

You know how this works.  Click here, come back and read while you read.

When we adopt a pet it is for life.....or it should be.  Too many animals are abandoned because they are "too old" or "no longer cute."  Imagine how we would feel if that happened to us? We all get old.  
So many breeds are "adopted" for bait dogs.  They are promised love and shown terror, pain and suffering.

So many animals are euthanized every year because of US.  WE are the problem.  We are not doing the right thing by stepping up and changing what we see.  We drive by the homeless dog on the street.  

We walk by the kitten crying for her mother behind the office building. 

We think that it is "not our problem."  

If it isn't OUR problem...than who's is it?

If we aren't part of the solution than we are part of the problem!

So much love get's "put down" every day!!  So much love get's abandoned.  So much love is tossed.  So much love is abused EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!

"You came and picked me up from the shelter. You said you would love me forever.  You misread my love for thought it was like yours. But when you abused me my love was not like yours....

I still loved you."

"Each time you abused me.....I still loved you.  Each time you neglected me....I still loved you.  Each time you "forgot" to feed  me..... I still loved you.  

Each time you kicked me.....and when you left me to die.....I STILL LOVED YOU."

"You promised me that you would love me forever...not until you had a baby.  You promised me that you would love me forever...not until you realized I needed attention."


"Now I am sitting in a cold shelter afraid to love anyone else....but I still love you.

That long hallway, it scares me.  I see others go down that hallway, I hear the crying and I never see them again.  

And I sit here, being scared, while everyone passes me and moves on....I still love you."


I feel the sun going down.  I no longer see it or "feel" it but I know my sun is going down.  I remember the sun.  I remember you.....I still love you."
Remember this....shelter dogs and cats can AND WILL love again.  They will love you more than you ever thought was possible so before you go and BUY a pet....think about the dedication sitting at the shelter.  

EVERYTHING this dog or cat has been through they still love the ones who abused them. They still love the ones who dumped them.  THEY STILL LOVE!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dedicated to all the animals we have lost to neglect and abuse

Please click here, come back and read while you listen

When you have had 

I cannot understand why we have animal abuse.  Animals are such loving and caring creatures.  I will NEVER understand how a "PERSON" (and I use this word loosely) could inflict such pain and death on one of God's beautiful creatures.  It must be stopped.  It won't be stopped until 


This blog is dedicated to ALL of the animals who have suffered and lost their lives at the hands of a cruel and horrible PERSON!

We have the horrific story of Captain who died because of the abuse and neglect of his OWNER! Now the charges will not be that the owner killed him because the owner beat, stabbed and left him to die a day later.  

Picture provided by Stray Rescue

This is "Little Boy" who lost his life at the hands of his owner.  This story can be read at this link Stay Rescue.  Warning, this story and pictures are hard to read and see.

BUT, I've said this many times:  Just because we do not see it does not mean it does not happen!!!

In Honor and Memory of Ridge Who Was a Beloved Family Dog, Stolen from His Yard and Used as Bait and Tortured to his Death. His Death Will Not Be In Vain. This is an Event to Honor and Remember Ridge, And to Educate on ALL Aspects of Owning an Animal.

Story and picture provided by chinasmack
The kittens’ bodies were covered with bullet holes, with blood all over. One of the kittens had its neck tied with a rope and elongated, its chest cut open, heart exposed, while the other three kittens’ heads were stepped on. According to this journalist’s observation, the bullet holes on the kitten’s bodies were caused by a metal toy gun. It is reckoned that during the night of the 10th, someone used a toy gun to beat the kitten black and blue, so that it was unable to escape, before continuing to abuse/mutilate it to death, and intentionally put them beside the mother cat.

There are so many stories out there that have this same ending.  Whether it neglect or abuse....


No matter what animal it is....neglect and abuse is WRONG!  
The laws are not tough enough.  The sentences are not long enough.  The punishment is not enough.  If you have had ENOUGH of NOT ENOUGH make a difference!  Contact your congressmen, your local government, your local rescue shelters and ask what you can do!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Captains story: Abuse at its worst

This one is a hard one for me to do.  Captain's story is so very sad and didn't end with his survival.  Please click here and come back and read knowing that Captain is singing this to us.

This is not actually Captain but this photo was used to demonstrate
what he would have looked like as a puppy

Captain started out as most puppies.  Loving and just too darn friendly:

At 2 years old Captain tried out for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police but he was rejected because he was "too friendly" and was also alleged to have been deaf. 

He was sold by the RCMP to a man in Langley who subsequently sold him to Captain's current owner, Brian Edward Whitlock. On July 18, 2012,

Captain was discovered in a dumpster in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, by a couple out for a walk. He was emaciated, and had been stabbed, cut, and brutally beaten, to the point of likely being rendered quadriplegic and with brain hemorrhaging. Captain was rescued from the dumpster and taken immediately to a veterinary hospital. 

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to save him, including performing CPR for 30 minutes, Captain passed away the next day. Captain's owner was nowhere to be found in the days following Captain's discovery in the dumpster. A warrant to search his residence was subsequently secured, and during that search a Swiss army knife, baseball bat, and heavy chain were recovered. 

The SPCA recommended charges of animal cruelty (causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal in accordance with the Canadian Criminal Code) to Crown Counsel in Captain's death, but have indicated they will not name the suspect in Captain's death until charges are laid. However, media sources have reported that the charges have been recommended against Brian Whitlock. Crown Counsel have not yet approved charges. 

They returned the file to the SPCA seeking further information regarding witness statements and expert witness testimony, as well as results of DNA testing. The SPCA is currently awaiting the results of the DNA analysis, and have indicated that Crown Counsel will not proceed with charges until they have all the evidence before them. The SPCA have expressed, however, that they are "very confident" that charges will be laid in Captain's case and that he will get justice in the courts. There are measures that YOU can take to ensure this happens.


1) Please sign and share the petition to our government to strengthen and enforce animal cruelty legislation:

2) Please phone, send an e-mail (, or write a letter to BC's Minister of Justice and Attorney General to RESPECTFULLY ask when charges will be pressed against Captain's abuser:

Minister of Justice and Attorney General
Honourable Shirley Bond
PO BOX 9044 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9E2
Phone: 250 387-1866
Fax: 250 387-6411
"Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight." 
~Albert Schweitzer

Just because you do not witness it does not mean it does not happen.
Captain's death is a tragedy!  Animal cruelty NEEDS TO BE STOPPED and it takes each of us to care enough to do something.  Spread the word, donate, contact your whatever you can!  It is a matter of life and death!

Thank you for remembering Captain today by taking action to ensure that he did not die such a horrific and indefensible death in vain. WE NEED JUSTICE FOR CAPTAIN.

This story can be found on Facebook or the website dedicated to Captain
You can also find more information and other ways to support by following at
Justice and Honor for Captain