Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet BJ: Another reminder of how wonderful dogs are and how cruel some humans are

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The loving arms that was at the end of the broken road is:  The Savior Foundation.  You can find them on Facebook or their website, Dr. Danielle Bayliss and Dr. Miller of the Advanced Animal Eye Care.

Meet BJ, what a sweet and loving puppy.  This is not a story of an owner abusing or neglecting their dog... BJ is loved very much by his family.  
This is a story of an angry person, for whatever reason, decided to punish a sweet and loving dog.
This is a story of one tragic night, as with Corona, a shot rang out and an innocent dog paid the price.
BUT....thank God the broken road led BJ to the loving arms of The Savior Foundation, Dr. Danielle Bayliss and Dr Miller of the Advanced Animal Eye Care.

I will NEVER understand why people, who are of a civilized Country, can hurt anyone or any animal.  Take a good look at the picture of BJ as a puppy.  Now, grab a tissue because here is his story:

I know this is hard to look at.  I cry when I read stories and see pictures like this, BUT:

Just because you do not see it does not mean it does not happen.  

Abuse and neglect of animals happen every second of every day.

The Savior Foundation gets a call about BJ and immediately jumps in to save him.  They contact Dr. Danielle Bayliss and they all began the uphill battle of saving BJ.

This is BJ's X-Ray.

Yes, those are bullet fragments.

As you probably already can tell:  Surgery is needed immediately.

Dr. Miller, Advanced Animal Eye Care, is the skilled surgeon in charge of saving BJ.

Dr. Miller removed many pellets, BJ's eye and a lot of dead tissue.

AND.....BJ, although is in pain, is saved!!!

Although BJ lost his right eye....He looks absolutely WONDERFUL and sooooo very handsome!! 

You are listening to Broken Road by Rascal Flatts and you are hearing "into the loving arms"......

This picture sums up those words perfectly

BJ saying thanks the best way he know how to.  

Dogs love us more than we could ever imagine loving anyone.  No matter what we do THEY LOVE US. Their love is unconditional! No dog, or any animal, should ever suffer at the hands of us!

You may not be able to save every abused or neglected animal out there.  BUT you can make a difference.  Support Rescue agencies by spreading the word and/or donating.  
"Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives." - Albert Schweitzer (Alsatian Theologian, Musician, and Medical Missionary)
You can help BJ by donating to The Savior Foundation. 
Please consider donating to help other animals whether it be through your local rescue or wonderful organizations like The Savior Foundation.


  1. Another horrible story that has a happy ending. Please know there was so many more people in the saving and care of BJ. Thank God for love of this rescue, this Vet and this surgeon and all who were there for BJ. God Bless this road!! My heart goes out to BJ's family and my prayers are with you for a complete recovery.

    1. My prayers go with BJ as he continues to recover from this horrific abuse. My thanks go to all that have aided in his recovery and continue to do so.

    2. Thank you for your prayers. I cannot understand animal abuse and will never understand it. If only the abusers could experience the same pain they inflict.


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